Top 10 of the most Hilarious Redneck Pick Up Lines

Havin trouble gettin yourself a country girl? Ever wonder how those hicks down south get all them lovely ladies? Well fellas, you dont need a big ol' jacked up truck to go muddin in, a shot gun and a coon dog that can hunt. All you need is some deep south redneck pick up lines in your repertoir and your sure to catch a purtty one... You're Welcome in advance!

Mind-Blowing Redneck Inventions

Rednecks can be quite awesome when they want to be. They might a bit edgy at times and may throw you off at others. These great inventors sure know how to drop jaws with their unique way of turning something completely broken to awesome new stuff. Check out this gallery of rednecking and your mind will be boggled to another level. 

14 Garage sale Prepper and Bug out items

Prepping doesn't have to cost a lot of money if you look for bargains. Garage sales are a great place to get items you might need for an emergency. Many people don't know what they have or simply don't see items for what they are and will sell them for really low prices. These sales are a great place to get things you need. Make a list and take it with you. Here are few prepper items to look for.