1st Woman To Set Foot In 196 Countries!

She’s just 27 years old and she’s about to become the first woman to visit all 196 countries! That's 196 cultures to discover. 196 borders to cross. And 196 countries to visit. Now, Cassandra De Pecol, a 27-year-old from the USA, is about to become the first woman to have set foot on the soil of every nation on Earth.

American Towns you should definitely go visit

The famed Great American Road Trip would be incomplete without visiting a few national parks along the way. From Yosemite’s awe-inspiring waterfalls to the wooded respites of the Great Smoky Mountains to the narrow crevasses of Zion, the lands under the purview of the National Park Service are unparalled in their beauty.

Surprising Facts About Forensic Science

There’s something exciting about science with all its hypotheses and experiments, the lab coats and goggles. But there’s something so noble about working for the police, FBI or CIA. The perfect job for those interested in science and who want to help solve crimes is forensic science.

Unforgettable Unsolved Rap Star Murders

Usually when a famous person is killed, there is a massive investigation and people reveal anything and everything they know about the situation as fast as possible. Why are these murders STILL unsolved? 

The most underrated American Muscle Cars

In a fiercely competitive market, Ford, AMC, Chevy, Dodge, and Chrysler dueled for buyers with aggressive exterior styling and brute power under the hood. Unfortunately, as buyers flocked to buy the popular Mustangs, Hemi Cudas, Chargers, Chevelles, and Road Runners, some exceptional muscle cars were left in the dust. Some became casualties of a changing economy, some were overshadowed by some of the era’s legends, and others, well let’s be honest, they were just plain ugly!