The Weirdest Last Words By Death Row Inmates

A person's last words before they pass away can often be prophetic, profound, poetic, or just plain dumb. The following statements fall into that last category. Now, this might seem a bit mean spirited, but keep in mind that these people knew that these statements would be recorded and held for public record. On that note, enjoy the weirdest last words by death row inmates!

Most Terrifying Haunted Places on Earth

Okay.. so admit it or not we all have a knack for ghosts no matter how much we fear anything spooky. I am sure we all have that moments where we can’t resist the temptation of watching a horror flick and then actually spend the entire night sleepless with all the lights on and diligently chanting every prayer that we know! This article is dedicated to all such brave hearts who are just too shy to admit their love for anything spooky.

10 Freaky Dolls You Don’t Want To Play With

For many little boys and girls, a doll is more than a toy. It can be a friend, a sibling, a confidant. But tales also tell of dolls that take on a life of their own. Literally—they become possessed with departed souls or demonic spirits. Other dolls are just plain weird, with harrowing histories not meant for nurseries and playrooms.