8 Hot Cocoa Recipes...Adult Versions!

Your hot chocolate is missing one key ingredient to make it adult verion...HOOCH! Grown up hot cocoa can go way beyond adding peppermint Schnapps! You can add whatever your favorite booze is but some go go best with this wintry feel good warm drink. These recipes are guaranteed to get you through the holidays!

The Art Of Kissing

When it comes to kissing, there is really no wrong way. It's all about the affection between two people. But there is an art to doing it right. When done right and photographed correctly...it simply turns out beautiful!

Cutest Cats In Pajamas!

Most of us put on our pajamas when we go to bed.  We also put pajamas on our baies. We all think of our cats as our children too. So, why not put pajamas on our cats!

Some of our favorite “Nerdy Characters” are played by some very attractive ladies, a must see!

Perhaps the biggest change in Hollywood the last 10-or-so years has been the social redemption of nerds. We did it guys, we’re finally part of the normal people! We’ve somehow turned the social ladder all the way upside down and ended up on top. We even have some of the most attractive people around, and your typical let’s-use-this-as-an-excuse-each-Saturday-to-not-have-to-go-outside TV shows or movies have caught on. While some of these may not look like much on the screen, every single one of them is attractive by pretty much any standard today.

Hottest Women of Hunting too

Looking for a new hunting partner? Check out these Beautiful ladies of the hunting world, cuz we found more!!!