American Towns you should definitely go visit

The famed Great American Road Trip would be incomplete without visiting a few national parks along the way. From Yosemite’s awe-inspiring waterfalls to the wooded respites of the Great Smoky Mountains to the narrow crevasses of Zion, the lands under the purview of the National Park Service are unparalled in their beauty.

5 of Hollywood's Ugliest Celebs

Hollywood is beauty and glam everything, but some of these cleberities look as if they were hit with the ugly stick pretty hard! Here is a list of 5 of the ugliest celebrities!

Cannibalistic Animals Actually Exist

It’s generally agreed that most species will display some form of cannibalistic tendencies if they are forced to, but what animals have the weirdest habits when it comes to eating their own kind? We put together a disturbing list of cannibalistic animals.